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Top 3 e-Juice Fcukin’ Flava ADV Series You Should Know

Top 3 e-Juice Fcukin’ Flava ADV Series You Should Know


Basic Thing You Should Know About the Fcukin’ Flava ADV Series

Firstly, there are 2 different categories of juices, which are Freebase and Salt Nic. Each type has different size bottles, for example, the freebase liquid is varied from 50ml and 60 ml bottles. In the other hand, the Salt Nic uses the bottles of 10 ml (Malaysia) and for the oversea market using 30ml bottles. In the other hand, in terms of nicotine level, there is a range of 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 9mg, 12mg. For the Salt Nic, it’s has 3 different range of nicotine level which are, 0mg, 35mg, 50mg. So, it is easy for you to control your nicotine intake base on how strong you want it to be. Moreover, the Fcukin’ Flava Adv Series flavor contain of 2 type of menthol level, which are “Regular” and “Low Menthol”.  So, for those vapers who prefers to have a hint of cooling effect then they can choose wisely depend on their taste.

Top 3 Best Fruity E-Juice Fcukin’ Flava

Rank 1: Fcukin’ Munkey

Fcukin’ Flava – Fcukin’ Munkey – 60Ml (Original Black)


Why is the “Fcukin ‘ Munkey” e-juice considered to be the king of Fcukin ‘ Flava fruit ‘ category? Let us see what is so special about this flavor. Let us start with the basic and talk about how Fcukin Munkey is made, the e-juice is made from honeydew fruits that are freshly harvested from the farm. The fruit gets extracted and then changed into a liquid form to provide infinite satisfaction from your inhalation especially during the summer time. It is coupled with the taste of the gum bubble and some cooling effect to make this flavor a distinctive uniqueness and freshness. This unobjectionable has made the Fcukin’ Munkey e-juice win “THE BEST FRUITY AWARD” at STEAM SHOW MEXICO 2019.


Rank 2: Philippines Mango

Fcukin’ Flava – Philippines Mango – 60Ml (Original Black)


There are too many Mango e-juices in the market, but the Philippine Mango from Fcukin’ Flava have the best and unique taste. Want to know why? It’s because the Philippine Mango e-juice by Fcukin’ Flava are produced by using imported Grade A Mango that is rich in vitamin, it has the fresh real ripe mango taste and also with a mix of tropical fruits to make the flavor become the ‘Top 3 Best Fruity e-juice Fcukin’ Flava’. If you ask me how good it tastes? I can say that it is like the taste of when you meet your first love. One puff and it will instantly be your most favorite ADV juice of all time.

Rank 3: Freezy Pineapple

Fcukin’ Flava – Freezy Pineapple 60Ml (Original Black)


Let us talk about why the Freezy Pineapple became the Top 3 Best Fruity E-juice Fcukin’ Flava Adv Series. So, let’s check what’s so special about this flavor. Basically, this flavor was produced by utilizing a fully research and development juice to create a superb taste for all vapers. A lot of different types of Pineapples were used in trying to create this superb Freezy Pineapple flavor, but only the best quality of pineapple was selected to create this exciting pineapple flavor. In the other hand, in terms of taste, Freezy Pineapple has a distinct smell and taste with a slight hint of cooling effect when exhaled. This juice is absolutely perfect when you want to vape during summer time! Now, it is known as one of the most-favorite among the Fcukin’ Flava’s fans. So, what are you waiting for? Grab it now for the full satisfaction!

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