Blackcell 18650 Proton Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery 3000Mah

The Proton’s cell is capable of a 3000 mAh capacity, as well as producing a max discharge of 21A and a max charge current of 4A.


BlackCell’s Proton series batteries are here! The Proton batteries feature an innovative Graphene Li-Ion cell in order to produce the best conductivity and maximum charge speeds possible. Unlike other 18650’s on the market, all BlackCell batteries come with a secondary ventilation system on the base, designed to deform in the event of the top vent failing.


Material Li-CoMnNi
Normal Capacity 3000mAh
Normal Voltage 3.6V
Charging Voltage 4.2±0.05V
Discharge Cut-Off Voltage 2.5V
Max Charge Current 4A
Max Pulse Discharge Current 40A
Continue Discharge Current 21A

Material & Features

  • Secondary Ventilation Disk
  • Graphene Composite


Global product liability insurance (No. B0180PN1803040)  (click to view certificate)


– Do not use if damaged or temperature is above 212°F/100°C

– Do not disassemble or modify the battery

– Do not carry batteries in your pockets or purse

– Batteries may explode or catch fire if not used correctly

– Do not discharge batteries beyond the recommended voltage.