Arctic E-Liquid | Cherry Soda | 100mL

  • Volume: 100mL Shortfill
  • Bottle: Chubby Bottle
  • VG: 70 / PG: 30
  • Nicotine: 0mg (ZERO)
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Introducing Arctic E-Liquid’s Cherry Soda, a thrilling fusion that combines the nostalgic taste of cherry soda with a tantalizing cooling sensation.

With each draw, you’ll be whisked away to the soda shop of yesteryear, where the sweet and effervescent notes of cherry soda tantalize your taste buds. Yet, this vape experience doesn’t just evoke the classic; it transforms it.

On the exhale, a burst of icy menthol rushes in, creating a breathtakingly refreshing sensation that lingers and invigorates. Arctic E-Liquid’s Cherry Soda is a delightful concoction that takes your taste buds on a memorable journey through the fizzy, fruity, and frosty, all-in-one delicious vape.